ccwComfortSling - Turn your concealed carry weapon into a concealed comfort weapon



Some folks use it with lighter loads just because it's so comfortable.

ccwComfortSling DOUBLE DUTY front
Shown with Standard J-Hook attachment fore and aft of the holster.
ccwComfortSling DOUBLE DUTY back
Shown with a Outside the Waistband Holster,
3" 1911 style pistol
... We mean it when we say, "Once you try the ccwComfortSling, You won't want to carry without it" !!

The Double Duty hidden suspender is designed to support heavier loads with 4 points of contact, yet is as comfortable to wear as your shirt.  Great for supporting duty belts or extra equipment.  The Double Duty won't let you down!

  • ALL DAY WEAR - Designed to completely eliminate the weight of your handgun and duty gear off your belt. The Double Duty is designed for all-day carry, easily able to be worn 12-16 hours per day, and is as comfortable to wear as your shirt. 

  • COMPLETELY CONCEALABLE AND TUCKABLE -  Designed to be worn over a tee-shirt or duty vest, the Double Duty is completely concealable and tuckable. Wear your shirt behind the holster, tucked (if your holster is a tuckable design) or over the the holster as a cover garment, the choice is completely yours!  Some folks use it with lighter loads just because it's so darn comfortable.

  • READY TO WEAR - The Double Duty is ready to wear right out of the box with convenient J-Hooks. It can also be modified to attached directly to your holster or heavy gear if desired. 


  • UNIVERSAL - Easily adjusts for virtually any handgun and holster combination, whether you carry OWB or IWB, and accommodates ALL the gear you carry.

First You See It - Then You Don't!
ccwComfortSling CLASSIC partially tuckedccwComfortSling CLASSIC or DOUBLE DUTY fully tucked
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