ccwComfortSling - Turn your concealed carry weapon into a concealed comfort weapon
Great for Law Enforcement Duty Belts

ccwComfortSling makes carrying your Duty Belt comfortable by supporting all the weight of your gear over your shoulders, eliminating the weight off your belt & waist.  You’ll be surprised how comfortable and "pain free" Duty Carry can be...


The DOUBLE DUTY $89.95
 Hidden Suspenders

Designed with Law Enforcement Duty Belt carry in mind.  Supports all the weight of your duty belt over your shoulder eliminating the weight off you belt and waist and completely hides under your uniform shirt.  

The CLASSIC  $49.95

Designed with the civilian concealed carry enthusiast in mind, the Classic easily supports lighter duty loads.
Our "Hidden Suspenders" support ALL THE WEIGHT of your Duty Belt and hides under your uniform shirt!


· Supports ALL THE WEIGHT of your Duty Belt over your shoulders, eliminating the weight from your belt and waist.

No uniform modifications needed.

· Keeps your duty belt and everything on it in place. Seamless transition from sitting, to standing, to active movement.

· Designed for all day comfort and years of dependable service. Proudly made in the USA.

· Prevents duty carry lower back pain.

· Compatible with most Body Armour.

· Totally concealable and tuckable, leaves nothing for the Perps to grab... 

· Constructed from leather and premium components, it will last a lifetime.

· 15% DISCOUNT for Law Enforcement.   Contact ccwComfortSling or your training officer for details.


“… Once you try the ccwComfortSling,  you won’t want to carry without it !! ”


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