ccwComfortSling - Turn your concealed carry weapon into a concealed comfort weapon

CLASSIC Shoulder Sling


"Once you try the ComfortSling, you won't want to carry without it"

ccwComfortSling CLASSIC front view
Shown with Standard J-Hook attachment fore and aft of the holster.
ccwComfortSling CLASSIC back view
Shown with a Bladetech UCH, 3" 1911 style pistol
... We mean it when we say, "Once you try the ccwComfortSling, You won't want to carry without it" !!

Our "Classic Shoulder Sling" is designed for the concealed carry enthusiast who wants the ultimate in comfortable carry, concealment, and Customization.

  • ALL DAY WEAR - Designed to completely eliminate the weight of your handgun and holster off your belt. The Classic is designed for all-day carry,  easily able to be worn 12-16 hours per day, and is as comfortable to wear as your shirt. 

  • COMPLETELY CONCEALABLE AND TUCKABLE -  Designed to be worn over a tee-shirt and under your outer shirt, the ccwComfortSling Classic is completely concealable and tuckable. Wear your shirt behind the holster, tucked (if your holster is a tuckable design) or over the the holster as a cover garment. The choice is completely yours!

  • READY TO WEAR - The Classic is ready to wear out of the box with the included J-Hooks or can be attached directly to your holster, if desired.

  • AMBIDEXTROUS - Easily converts from right shoulder use to left shoulder use and one size fits all.

  • UNIVERSAL - Able to accommodate virtually any belt-mounted holster, handgun, and carry combination, IWB or OWB.

ccwComfortSling CLASSIC behind the holsterccwComfortSling CLASSIC tuckable holsterccwComfortSling CLASSIC over the holster
Shown above with 1) shirt worn behind the Holster, 2) shirt "tucked-in" (if holster is a tuckable design) and 3) shirt worn over the holster as a cover garment.  Displays "Classic" sling worn on optional "weak side" shoulder.
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